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Agrarian Bulletin of the Urals

The magazine has been published since 2000

ISSN 1997 - 4868 (Print); ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)


№ 07 (210) 2021

The contents and annotations №№

the article

 L. F. Beksheneva, A. А. Reut

Features of the water regime of aboriginal and introduced species of the genus Iris L. in the Southern Ural


 M. A. Tormozin, A. А. Zyryantseva

Comparative analysis of cultivar samples of meadow clover from a competitive variety test with high feed qualities


 A. V. Kharina, L. M. Shchekleina

Development forecast of root rot and perspective material of spring soft wheat breeding of FARC of the North-East


 G. D. Bagirova, Kh. F. Kulieva

The physiological reaction in the local breed and introduced silkworm breeds on the difference in conditions of detention of the wintering eggs


 A. S. Barkova, A. Yu. Aliev, E. S. Eroshenko, I. A. Sychev

Analysis of the prevalence of obstetric and gynecological diseases in a large goat breeding enterprise


 L. P. Ikoeva, O. E. Khaeva

Influence of the growth regulator “Regoplant” and microfertilizer “Ultramag Kombi” on photosynthetic activity of potatoes in the foreststeppe zone Republic of North Ossetia-Alania


 G. A. Larionov, E. S. Yatrusheva, O. Yu. Checheneshkina

Comparative analysis of the use of udder treatment agents in the prevention of mastitis and improving the quality of milk in cows


 P. S. Ostapchuk

Breeds of sheep in the context of the historical development of the Sheep Breeding on the Crimean Peninsula


 A. O. Zagurskiy

State regulation of rural development in the context of the implementation of regional development programs


 O. Ya. Starkova

Development of small forms in agriculture



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