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Agrarian Bulletin of the Urals

The magazine has been published since 2000

ISSN 1997 - 4868 (Print); ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)


Сultural properties of swine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus isolate

Authors: E. V. Markova, L. S. Lyulkova, R. N. Melnik, V. M. Popova

All-Russian Scientific Research and Technological Institute of Biological Industry, Biokombinata, Russia Е-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Abstract. This article summarizes the results of a study of the cultural properties of the swine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus isolate in transferable cultures of MA-104, PK-15, MARC-145 and Vero cells. The purpose of our research was to determine the sensitivity of cell culture lines to the swine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus isolate, which is necessary for obtaining a highly active antigen as the main component of diagnostic and vaccine biologics. An isolate of the virus was isolated from a Piglet in the LPH of the Moscow region of the Kolomenskoye district. The isolated isolate of an infectious disease of pigs by the method of molecular biological analysis is characterized in the established order for this pathogen. Novelty. The possibility of reproduction in MARC-145 cell culture has been demonstrated. Results. It was shown that during reproduction of the virus isolate in cell culture for 96 ± 6 hours at a dose of 0.1 TCD50 / cell infection, an antigen with high biological activity was obtained. Infectious activity of the virus on the MARC-145 culture averaged 5.51 ± 0.45 lg TCD50/cm3 after the first three passages (after adaptation). Real-time PCR confirmed the presence of the virus genome in the test samples. Detection of the virus antigen in an infected cell culture was determined by the manifestation of a specific glow in the indirect immunofluorescence (RNIF) reaction in the cell culture monolayer fixed with acetone. It was found that FITZ-conjugate of rabbit polyclonal antibodies to pig immunoglobulins detected antigen-containing cells due to intense illumination.

Keywords: pig reproductive and respiratory syndrome, cell culture, virus reproduction.

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For citation: Markova E. V., Lyulkova L. S., Melnik R. N., Popova V. M. Issledovanie chuvstvitel’nosti izolyata virusa reproduktivno-respiratornogo sindroma sviney v perevivaemykh liniyakh kletok [Сultural properties of swine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus isolate] // Agrarian Bulletin of the Urals. 2020. No. 04 (195). Pp. 71‒77. DOI: 10.32417/1997-4868-2020-195-4-71-77. (In Russian.)

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