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Agrarian Bulletin of the Urals

The magazine has been published since 2000

ISSN 1997 - 4868 (Print); ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)


№ 1 (192) 2020

The contents and annotations

the article


 N. I. Kasatkina, I. Sh. Fatykhov

Method and term for harvesting perennial legume herbs for seeds


 A. S. Stepanov, T. A. Aseyeva, K. N. Dubrovin

The influence of climatic characteristics and values of NDVI at soybean yield (on the example of the districts of the Primorskiy region)


 G. T. Syzdykova, T. Zh. Aydarbekova, A. I. Gabdulina, S. Yu. Puchkova

Adaptation of spring durum wheat varieties in the steppe zone of Аkmola region


 E. A. Traburova, A. M. Konova, A. Yu. Gavrilova, S. M. Zuyeva, S. M. Chekhalkov

Comparative characteristics of medium-maturing varieties of fiber-flax of Smolensk selection



 O. D. Golyayeva

Introduction of Orel red currant varieties into the West-Siberian region


 N. M. Kosyachenko, M. V. Abramova, M. Yu. Lapina

Characteristics of the productive-economic indicators of cows of Yaroslavl breed of different genotypes


 Yu. I. Levakhin, B. S. Nurzhanov, V. A. Ryazanov, E. B. Dzhulamanov

Changes in the microbiocenosis of the rumen and digestibility of the dry matter of the diet with the introduction of gobies together fatty addition of ultrafine iron particles


 L. A. Logvinenko, E. V. Dunayevskaya

Contents of biologically active substances in the leaves of Myrtus communis L. under the conditions of the south Crimea


 I. I. Sleptsov, V. A. Machakhtyrova, G. N. Machakhtyrov, O. A. Zavyalov

Age features of elemental status for the Kalmyk cattle breed under conditions of Yakutia


 Yu. A. Stepanova

Udder properties and productive longevity of cows of different breeds with intensive milking technology



 Кh. A. Dibirova

Role of integrated organizations in the dairy sub-complex of Leningrad region in rural development


 E. A. Farvazova

The essence and implementation of the organizational and economic mechanism management of agricultural enterprises: theoretical aspect



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