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The use of multicomplex in the cultivation of black-and-white bulls


M. I. Vasilyeva,

Yu. V. Isupova,

M. I. Smolyakova

Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy, Izhevsk, Russia *E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Abstract. Purpose is to determine the influence of the biologically active additive “Belavit-FORTE” on the formation of meat productivity of black-and-white bulls in the Michurin Collective Farm of the Udmurt Republic where was was carried research and production experience. Methods. The object of the study was black-and-white bulls at the final stage of fattening. Studies to determine the economic efficiency of using the multi-complex “BelavitFORTE” in the production of beef were carried out on the basis of classical zootechnical, economic and biometric methods. Results. The hematological parameters of the blood of experimental animals were within the physiological norm, but at the age of 16 months, the content of leukocytes in the blood of experimental bulls was higher by 30.7 %, and hemoglobin and red blood cells were lower by 2.36 % and 4.8 %, respectively. Heavy carcasses were obtained from the bulls of the experimental group, the weight of which was on average 4.1 % higher than in the control group. The bulls that received the multicomplex surpassed the control peers in slaughter yield by 0.7 %. Beef obtained from experimental bulls favorably differed in technological properties: the moisture-retaining and moisture-binding abilities of the pulp were higher than the similar control values by 0.5 and 3.2 %, respectively. According to the pH level of the sample of the muscle tissue of the analyzed bulls, it can be identified as a raw material with NOR signs. The scientific novelty. For the first time in the conditions of the Michurin Collective Farm, Vavozhsky District, the influence of the “Belavit-FORTE” preparation in the diets of black-and-white bulls in the final fattening period on the formation of meat productivity and technological qualities of beef was assessed.

Keywords: bulls of black-and-white breed, multi-complex, erythrocytes, leukocytes, productivity, slaughter weight, slaughter yield, active acidity.

For citation: Vasiyleva M. I., Isupova Yu. V., Smolyakova M. I. Ispol’zovanie mul’tikompleksa pri vyrashchivanii bychkov cherno-pestroy porody [The use of multicomplex in the cultivation of black-and-white bulls] // Agrarian Bulletin of the Urals. 2022. No. 05 (220). Pp. 33–41. DOI: 10.32417/1997-4868-2022-220-05-33-41. (In Russian.)

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