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Agrarian Bulletin of the Urals

The magazine has been published since 2000

ISSN 1997 - 4868 (Print); ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)


№ 4 (195) 2020


The contents and annotations №№
the article


 A. A. Vasiliev, A. K. Gorbunov

Productivity and photosynthetic activity of potatoes depending on the duration and depth of planting


 M. V. Gubanov, A. G. Gubanov, V. M. Gubanova

Study of populations of Carum carvi seeds in the climatic conditions of the northern Trans-Urals


 E. N. Dyusibayeva, A. B. Rysbekova, I. A. Zhirnova, A. E. Zhakenova, A. I. Seitkhozhayev

Productivity of millet sowing (Panicum miliaceum) of various ecological and geographical origin in the condition of Akmola region


 A. N. Ratnikov, D. G. Sviridenko, S. P. Arysheva, P. S. Semeshkina

Effect of new organic-mineral complex “Gumiton” on the productivity and quality of crops on different soil types


 R. G. Farkhutdinov, V. V. Fedyaev, B. S. Akhmetshin, M. I. Garipova, M. G. Ufimtseva

The effect of treatments with a preparation based on calcium polysulfide on seed germination and yield of wheat plants



 I. V. Gorbunov, A. A. Lukyanova

Preservation and study of genetic resources of grapes on the ampelographic collection of the Anapa zonal experimental station of viticulture and winemaking


 V. B. Leibova, M. V. Pozovnikova

Postpartum blood biochemical profile in heifers in connection with polymorphic variants of the SCD1 gene and reproductive ability


 N. V. Mardaryeva, M. G. Terentyeva, G. A. Larionov

Еnzyme activity in skeletal muscle tissues in guinea pigs under functional load


 E. V. Markova, L. S. Lyulkova, R. N. Melnik, V. M. Popova

Сultural properties of swine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus isolate


 I. V. Siyanova, M. E. Ostyakova

Functional characteristics of the liver of young egg chickens grown under monochromatic and white lighting



 A. A. Alekseev, O. A. Rushchitskaya, V. N. Lavrov, N. A. Yurchenko

Improvement of state support for small agricultural business due to COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic


 A. V. Gyatov, S. A. Bogatskaya, M. Kh. Zhitteeva

The state and some dynamic and commodity-institutional trends in the export of food and agricultural raw materials to the KBR in 2005–2018



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