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The influence of mineral fertilizers on the yield and quality of potatoes in the conditions of the foothill zone of the North Caucasus


I. O. Gazdanova,

B. V. Bekmurzov

Federal Scientific Center “Vladikavkaz Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences”, Vladikavkaz, Russia *E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Annotation. The quality indicators of potato tubers (dry matter content, starch, nitrates and heavy metals) are greatly influenced by varietal characteristics, agricultural practices, soil and climatic conditions and many other factors, among which the level of mineral nutrition is of great importance. The article presents experimental data on the study of the effect of various doses of mineral fertilizers on potatoes in the conditions of the foothill zone of North Ossetia. The scientific novelty lies in the fact that in the agroecological conditions of North Ossetia on the soils of leached chernozem, the influence of various doses of mineral fertilizers on the productivity and quality of potatoes was studied. The purpose of the study included studying the effect of various doses of mineral fertilizers on the height and number of potato stalks per bush, starch content, dry matter, and potato yield. Research methods. Records and observations were carried out according to the generally accepted methods described in the “Educational and Methodological Guide for Conducting Research in Agronomy”. The experience was laid in threefold sequence. Determination of the quantitative content of vitamin C in potato tubers was carried out by the Tillmans method. According to the results of experimental data, the use of mineral fertilizers made it possible to obtain a high yield of potatoes, so the yield on the Sadon variety was 27.9, 28.2, 30.3 t/ha, and in the control variant – 27.7 t/ha. It has been established that mineral fertilizers under the same soil and weather conditions contributed to the different development of plants, so the height of the stems of potato plants of the Farn variety is by – 2.2, 11.5, 9.4 cm higher than in the control variant. The nutritional backgrounds of the zone did not have a significant effect on the number of years of stems, pieces, but contribute to the accumulation of starch. Mineral fertilizers contributed to an increase in the content of vitamin C in potato tubers from 11.2–12.5 mg/100 g. The highest accumulation of dry matter was noted in the Background 3 (N120P120K120) variant – 18.3 and 18.8 %.

Keywords: mineral fertilizer, potato, yield, variety, starch, vitamin C.

For citation: Gazdanova I. O., Bekmurzov B. V. Urozhaynost’i kachestvo kartofelya v zavisimosti ot primeneniya razlichnykh doz mineral’nykh udobreniy [Productivity and quality of potatoes depending on the use of various doses of mineral fertilizers] // Agrarian Bulletin of the Urals. 2022. No. 05 (220). Pp. 2–11. DOI: 10.32417/1997- 4868-2022-220-05-2-11. (In Russian.)

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