Agrarian Bulletin of the Urals

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ISSN 1997 - 4868 (Print); ISSN 2307-0005 (Online)


№ 8 (162) 2017


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 E. M. Ananiev, S. V. Zalesov, N. A. Lugansky, D. A. Shubin, A. E. Osipenko

Experience of growing planting stock with rootballed tree system on the territory of Altay krai


 B. A. Voronin, I. M. Donnik, V. V. Kruglov, Ya. V. Voronina

Organizational legal and economic mechanisms for the rational use of natural resources and environmental protection in agriculture


 Yu. V. Zaripov, E. S. Zalesova, A. I. Chermnykh, A. G. Magasumova

Experience of creating forest plantations on mineral stock refuse banks


 A. G. Koshchayev, Yu. А. Lysenko, V. V. Radchenko, V. A. Mishchenko, A. V. Luneva

Efficiency of using probiotic additive Trilactocor in the diet of quails


 O. G. Petrovа, A. D. Alexeev, I. M. Millstein, O. A. Vanichkin

The results of “VETargent” drug testing in the Center of Animal Rehabilitation (usаu)


 Yu. V. Plugatar, O. M. Shevchuk, L. A. Logvinenko

Species of the genus Prunella L. as sources of valuable biologically active substances


 A. R. Tairova, V. R. Sharifyanova, G. V. Meshcheryakova, I. M. Donnik, O. A. Bykova

Estimation of plastic resources of the organism of heifers in the early postnatal development period


 N. T. Chebotarev, A. A. Yudin, P. V. Gorodiskyi, N. V. Bulatova, A. V. Oblizov, D. A. Popov

Effect of prolonged application of mineral fertilizers and lime in the cultivation of perennial grasses in the conditions of middle taiga zone of the Euro-North -East



 M. S. Akhmetvaliev, V. N. Nikolaev, A. V. Litash

Theoretical determination of the yield of the liquid fraction of brewer's grains in vibration centrifuge



 T. I. Bukhtiyarova, I. V. Khilinskaya

Economic potential of sustainable development of rural areas


 B. A. Voronin, Ya. V. Voronina, L. N. Petrova

New legislation on gardening and horticulture


 Ya. V. Voronina

The economic results of business activity of farms (on the example of the Ural federal district)


 T. G. Litvinova

Economic efficiency of end product output for pond fish farming in the fish farms of the First Zone


 I. P. Chupina

The creation of a crisis management system in agricultural organizations



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